Nature's Pharmacy, or Pharmacopoeia

What better place than nature, to find all the things to cure what ails you? Its no surprise when you learn about medicine and history that nature is the core of what has worked for centuries.

Over the years, my love and passion for herbs and spices has only grown. I have learned more and more continually, and also grown a huge variety of herbs. With the addition of a mortar and pestle, now I have even more I can do with the herbs.

Its been fascinating to learn what trees, leaves, weeds, flowers, roots, and much more can do to help heal the human body and psyche.

This blog is to share and have ready and handy, a reference for what I am learning about in regards to the natural pharmacy found out in nature. I want to make a disclaimer that anything I share here isn't from findings from the FDA (necessarily), and that before you do anything different with your health, I highly encourage you to seek your Family Physician's advice. Your own doctor knows you best, and these things can perhaps be brought to their attention to just ask about.

We are made of the stuff of the earth, we all go back to dust eventually (for a time anyway) and so it makes sense the "stuff of the earth" is a huge component in our well being.

Please share any ideas or thoughts of your own here with me, and to pass that along to others as well. What better pharmacy or drugstore than nature herself. We just have to know where to start. For me, this is one place to refer back to.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog on nature's pharmacy, or pharmacopoeia~!

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